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An Exploration of Pendulum Drawing Toys


I design and build physics toys which I demonstrate at schools, science fairs and other eclectic venues.  I also conduct the free science exhibit and physics demonstrations at the New York State Fair in Syracuse, New York, USA. The Harmonograph educational exhibit features several large pendulum drawing machines and vintage pendulum related devices of various configuration.

The oscillating pendulum demonstrates several principles of nature such as the force of gravity, momentum, inertia and entropy to create unique original art. 

The drawing machines include the Two Pendulum Harmonograph, Twin-elliptic Pendulum and Lissajous Figure Drawing Machine.  The large demonstration Harmonograph apparatus was designed and constructed in 1977 for a Product Design class project while I was attending Southern Illinois University - Carbondale, Illinois.

The 2012 Edition of The Great New York State Fair runs from August 23 - September 3.  The Harmonograph physics exhibition is located in the Time Warner Science and Technology Building, near the bathrooms underneath the large rotating Earth balloon.


Scans of every Harmonograph related patent registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) going back to 1908 is listed chronologically in the "Patents Gallery". Section completed! Scans of vintage magazines, books and texts which have Harmonograph related "How To" information are being added. New content, under construction.  Also coming are photos and descriptions of my comprehensive collection of Harmonograph related physics toys. Planned.

The Harmonograph Science & Physics Exhibit at the New York State Fair in Syracuse, NY

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Some ares of this website are under construction; if you encounter glitches, please bring them to my attention.

Please feel free to leave comments or suggestions in my Guest Book

Contact me at if you have Harmonograph related items you wish to sell; I am especially interested in vintage (Victorian Era 1850-1890) Harmonograph toys and old magazine articles which feature the Harmonograph.


I would also be very happy to share information and provide expertise to anyone who needs assistance with a Harmonograph related science project.


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