Westcott Art Trail 2007

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Selling Harmonograms as Unique Works of Art

The Westcott Art Trail is an annual community participation event in the Westcott Neighborhood of Syracuse, New York.  Around 50 local artisans display and sell their creations.  The Westcott area is a culturally diverse community located just east of the Syracuse University campus and is home to many students, teachers and artists. 

This was our last Westcott Art Trail event; we have since moved to a quieter area in the suburbs and are no longer eligible to participate.  


Watching a drawing in progress; I'm wearing anaglyphic clip-on glasses to view special stereoscopic harmonograms. I've lost weight since this picture was taken...

My little corner of the parking lot.  I always fence off the harmonograph for safety considerations; there is a danger that I'll misjudge a pendulum throw and the heavy weights and razor sharp gimbals can go flying in all directions.  The step-stool folds into a “Franklin Chair”. 

The overhead mirror allows people to observe a drawing in progress.

This graphic displays examples of actual foreign currency which features harmonograph generated security lines instead of the more usual fine lines generated by the mechanograph.

Rebecca got into the entrepreneurial spirit and set up a stand to sell lemonade and soft drinks.

Side view.

Starting a drawing.

This shadow box display shows how to construct a simple glass pen similar to the pens used to create harmonograms during the Victorian Era; 1850-1890.   The display also includes a vintage Venetian glass pen.  I've designed several unique displays and teaching aids to augment the harmonograph exhibit.

The display table contains vintage harmonographs from my collection and other physics related toys.

Rebecca demonstrated the vintage pendulum drawing toys.