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List of Harmonograph Related Patents Registered with the USPTO


This is a catalog of all the Harmonograph related patents registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). They are compiled in chronological order starting with patent number 898,599 from 1908. Patent's which are, in my opinion, noteworthy or deserving of special attention are indicated with an asterisk (*). 

Registered patents are useful tools for anyone wishing to design and build their own Harmonograph. By examining how the inventors solved various design issues, you can get ideas for your own Harmonograph project; such as which pendulum configuration best suits your needs and how to design gimbals, linkages and provide for adjustments. 

If you know of a Harmonograph related patent, or one that I may have overlooked, please bring it to my attention and I may add it to the list!  

Just click on a patent page to view the entire registered patent -


Patent # 898,599; Pendulograph

Patent # 4,162,577; Pendulum Drawing Machine

Patent # 1,869,951; Pendulum Toy

* Patent # 4,199,867; Harmonograph

Patent # 3,143,807; Pendulum Drawing Device

Patent # 4,199,868; Amusement Device for Tracing Geometrical Figures

Patent # 3,324,556; Pendulum Toy

Patent # 4,703,562; Pendulum Design Machine

* Patent # 3,384,966 Pendulum Toy

Patent # 4,928,625; Pendulum Mounted Airbrush

* Patent # 3,473,229; Harmonograph

* Patent # 3,494,037; Pendulum Actuated Drawing Instrument

* Patent # 3,496,641; Harmonograph

Patent # 3,521,360; Coin-operated Harmonograph

* Patent # 3,590,488; Apparatus for Tracing Random Geometrical Figures

Patent # 3,977,085; Pendulum Toy

* Patent # 4,067,111; Pendulum Device