Scanned Resources

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Harmonograph Science, History and How-To's

The Scanned Resources material is from Harmonograph related information found in books, catalogs, reprinted articles and periodicals from my personal collection. They are listed in chronological order; the oldest item dates back to 1881. This collection is not in any way complete or exhaustive (I know there is a lot more information out there), but I believe it's a good cross section of what is available and I add new items all the time. Note that I only have stuff written in English and I know there are many great resources and important information that is only available in foreign languages.  The list below contains a brief descriptions of their content which generally falls into three broad categories:     
  • How To’s:  These resources have Harmonograph information which the hobbyist or science fair aspirant may find useful.
  • Science:  In these resources you will find scientific, historical and philosophical essays, mathematical formula and more esoteric Harmonograph information.
  • Misc.:  I have included some articles from other areas of study which only tangentially relate to the Harmonograph, such as Leon Foucault (Foucault’s Pendulum) and stereographic information (I’m experimenting with creating anaglyphic 3D stereoscopic harmonograms).
  List of Scanned Resources:


The Pendulograph: A Series of Bi-pendulum Writings of the Twenty Ratios of the Musical System: or Sound Seen in the SilenceRev. John Andrew1881Science Pendulograph (Lissajous Figure Drawing Machine)
MAG (Google Scan): Pearson’s Magazine; Article:   The Harmonograph Article: Archibald WilliamsApril 1902How ToLissajous Figure Drawing Machine
MAG (Reprint):  The Boys Own Annual (From: The Boys Own Paper) Article: H. F. HobdenOct/Nov 1893How ToTwin-elliptic Harmonograph
Stereoscopic Phenomenon of Light & SightTheodore Brown1903ScienceStereoscopic Harmonograms
A Textbook of PhysicsJohn Henry PoyntingJoseph John Thompson1904 Lissajous Figure Drawing Machine
Harmonic Vibrations and Vibration FiguresJoseph GooldCharles E. BenhamRichard KerrProfessor L. R. WilberforceEdited by:  Herbert C. Newton1910Science,How ToVarious
The Boy Mechanic; Book I; 700 Things To DoChapter:  A line HarmonographPopular Mechanics Press; Copywriter:  H. H. Windsor 1913How ToTwin-elliptic Pendulum
Things to MakeArchibald Williams1917How ToVarious
Mathematical ModelsH. Martyn CundyA.P. Rollett1951Science, How ToVarious
MAG: Newnes  Practical Mechanics; Making a HarmonographArticle: F. J. Camm1952How ToHarmonograph~
The “Practical Mechanics” How-to-make-it BookF. J. Camm1954How ToHarmonograph~
MAG: Meccano Magazine; A Model HarmonographAnon.1958How To(Meccano)Twin-elliptic Pendulum
Model Making for Young Physicists(reprint- Model Making for Physicists 1968)A. D. Bulman1963How ToLissajous Figure Drawing Machine
MAG: Mechanix Illustrated; The Hypnotizing HarmonographArticle: Keith A. GourlayAug. 1964How ToLissajous Figure Drawing Machine
MAG:  Scientific American Article:  Texture and Visual Perception  Article:  Bela JulezFeb. 1965Science3D
MAG:  Scientific American Feature:  The Amateur ScientistConducted by: C.L. StrongMay 1965How To, ScienceVarious
MAG:  Amateur PhotographerKen PalmerSept. 1969Misc.Camera Harmonograph
MAG: The Mother Earth News; Almanac of Family Play Pastimes and PursuitsArticle:  Lawrence A. Jackson1983How ToLissajous Figure Drawing Machine
More Mathematical ActivitiesBrian Bolt1985How ToVarious
MAG:  Stereo World; Stereo Pairs of Lissajous FiguresArticle:  John E. Schwenker  Nov/Dec. 1991Misc.Stereo Lissajous (Computer generated)
A Mathematical JamboreeBrian Bolt1995How ToVarious
Harmonograph; A Visual Guide to the Mathematics of MusicAnthony Ashton1993How To,ScienceVarious
MAG:  Scientific American; Leon FoucaultArticle:  William TobinJuly1998Misc.Leon Foucault
100 Award-Winning Science Fair Projects; Chapter:  Explore Virtual Harmony with a HarmonographGlen Vecchione1991How ToLissajous Figure Drawing Machine
The Pendulum; A case Study in PhysicsGregory L. BakerJames A. Blackburn1991ScienceMathematical Formulas
The Pendulum; Scientific, Historical, Philosophical & Educational PerspectivesMichael R. MatthewsColin F. GauldArthur Stinner2005ScienceVarious
The Math BookClifford A Pickover2009ScienceHarmonograph


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The Pendulograph: A Series of Bi-pendulum Writings of the Twenty Ratios of the Musical System: or Sound Seen in the Silence (1881) *SCIENCE*


Pearson's Magazine, article by Archibald Williams (April 1902) *SCIENCE* & *HOW-TO*

Stereo World Magazine (Nov./Dec. 1991, Vol. 18, No. 5) *MISC.*

A Mathematical Jamboree by Brian Bolt (1995) *HOW-TO*

Mathematical Models by Cundy & Rollett (1951) *SCIENCE* & *HOW-TO*

Mechanix Illustrated Magazine (Aug. 64) *HOW-TO*

The Pendulum: Scientific, Philosophical & Educational Perspectives, by Matthews, Gauld & Stinner (2005) *SCIENCE*

The Math Book (2009) *SCIENCE*

Mother Earth News Almanac of Family Play (1983) *HOW-TO*