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* * * * This website is dedicated to my beloved grandfather * * * * Rear Admiral Louis Waite Perkins, United States Coast Guard

During the Second World War, Commander Perkins was Captain of the 13,529 ton attack transport USS Hunter Liggett (AP-27, later APA-14). The Hunter Liggett served as the flagship for several amphibious operations in the Pacific Theater. She carried the marines who made the first landings on Guadalcanal Island.  The Hunter Liggett also participated in the landings on Tulagi and Bougainville and rescued hundreds of sailors from the sea after their ships were sunk at the Battle of Savo Island.

My much-storied grandfather was a noted knot tier and master of marlinspike seamanship. During Japanese air attacks he would sit calmly on his bridge tying intricate Turk’s heads while directing the carnage of battle occurring all around him. His composed bearing and imperturbability gave reassurance to his crew. Once, when notified of “Fire in the engine room!” he coolly retorted, “Put it out.” and they did. Called “Perky” by the most daring of his peers, he was greatly admired by all who knew him.

My grandfather abhorred idleness, especially in children, and inspired me to take up an intersest in hobbies and pursue them with passion.

USS Hunter Liggett (APA-14)