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Thank you for visiting The Harmonograph

I appreciate any feedback, all the Guestbook entry fields are voluntary.  Content is slowly being added to The Harmonograph website and if you ran across any glitches or other errors, please let me know and I will try to fix them.  I am also open to suggestions for improvements or future additions (currently, a How To area is being constructed and is not yet visible). Thanks again for visiting my site. Click here to view the Guestbook entries.


Thank you to the people at for helping me with various technical issues.

Thanks to A. Jorden for inspiration and encouragement, and for selling me some rare pendulum toys for my collection. Visit his excellent website which features vintage drawing toys. 

Thanks to my wife, Joni, for her patience; especially when I spend long hours in the basement trying to tune my pendulums...

Thanks to Geneanne Keegan-Smith, Concessions and Exhibits Manager for The Great New York State Fair for helping to secure me a great new location for The Harmonograph Science Exhibit.

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