New Display for 2010

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New Space Shuttle Actuator Display

This new display was designed and constructed for the 2010 Edition of the New York State Fair. It features a very rare and unique Space Shuttle Main Engine Main Fuel Valve (SSME MFV) Actuator.  The display also includes rare Moon rocks, NASA "flown" items, a vintage 1/96 scale model of an Apollo/Saturn 5 Rocket and lots of other historical memorabilia.



Prototype Space Shuttle Main Engine Main Fuel Valve (SSME MFV) Actuator

The actuator is enclosed in a 10" acrylic dome with interior lighting and an air desiccant

A piece of copper from the Statue of Liberty and a World Trade Center artifact

Piece of the Roman Colosseum and The Great Pyramid of Cheops

Epic Fail; piece of aluminum from the Hindenburgh, coal from the Titanic and a tarball from the Gulf Coast oil spill disaster

Rock samples from the Moon, Mars and Mercury (hypothesized)

Rare meteorite chips from the Moon, Mars and Mercury (hypothesized) with a magnifying lamp

War; a Civil War bullet, a piece of Battleship Missouri and a piece of the Berlin Wall

NASA "Flown" space seed experiments

Lunar Lander plaque facsimile

Centerpiece; 1/96 scale model of an Apollo/Saturn 5 rocket

Model base detail

The entire display stands about 9' tall

Actuator schematic

Display base detail

More details

Table rotation stop detail

New glass pen display. Back in the 1800's, Harmonographs used glass pens to draw the very fine lines, and this display illustrates the steps necessary to construct one. School children learned how to make their own glass pens back in the day; they had an advantage over quill and dip pens because they could write a whole page of text before requiring a refill.