Your Donations Support Science Education

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Support THE HARMONOGRAPH at the New York State Fair

I have conducted a very popular science extravaganza at the New York State Fair for several years and I would love to continue presenting this worthwhile educational exhibition. It’s a very expensive undertaking and it is entirely self-supported.

The 2012 Edition of The Great New York State Fair runs from August 13 through September 3

Although The Harmonograph’s exhibit space is donated by The New York State Fair, there are many expenses associated with operating a high quality educational exhibit. During the 12 days of The Fair I create over 3,000 unique original harmonograms on expensive 110# cardstock and distribute these unique artworks free to the public. I also use very small (size 00 and 000) nibs in my technical pens and I always end up trashing a few of these very pricey implements. The Fair also requires that I carry $1,000,000.00 in personal liability insurance - at my own expense.

Other expensive consumables I have on hand for The Fair are: Various red, green and blue laser modules which I utilize to project Lissajous curves in a classic physics demonstration; at least 50 pairs of disposable anaglyphic (red/cyan) glasses for the public to observe the experimental stereographic 3D harmonograms (these glasses "disappear" on me at the rate of about 4 pair a day), and various chemicals used to create flash-booms, fog and other entertaining theatrical physics effects.

I also like to add something new and totally awesome every year to keep the exhibit fresh and exciting. A few years ago I had the good fortune of acquiring a unique historical NASA artifact from America's manned space program, it is a Space Shuttle Main Engine Main Fuel Valve (SSME MFV) actuator casting and I built a new space science exhibit set-piece around this exceptional item. Last year I installed a 7-foot diameter inflatable Earth globe balloon which rotates over my exhibit space.  For 2012 I hope to exhibit a surplus Space Shuttle thermal protection system tile; if I can get one on loan, (working on it)...

Any Donation is Greatly Appreciated and will be put to good use!

Thank you for supporting The Harmonograph exhibit at the New York State Fair!