Stereo World Magazine (Nov./Dec. 1991)

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Stereo Pairs of Lissajous Figures by John E. Schwenker

This article contains some very interesting computer generated stereoscopic harmonograms ("Stereo World" is the magazine of the National Stereoscopic Association). We know that the harmonograph can produce stereo pairs of Lissajous curves if you plan accordingly (see; Harmonic Vibrations and Vibration Figures" [1910]) but the article doesn't touch on this fact. Schwenker does refer to an article in the January 1991 issue of "Scientific American", in A. K. Dewdney's Mathematical Recreations column which I have not read...

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To view these Lissajous figures in 3D, you can use the “eye crossing” method, or photocopy them and view them through a stereoscope.